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Penalta Group

Penalta Group is passionate about everything they do. Quality and innovation are the pillars of this unique Canadian company. They are builders who take pride in delivering commercial construction projects of any size. Led by founders Terry Wallace and Robert Ogden, Penalta employs a passionate, trustworthy and open approach to building relationships with some of the top national companies within the retail, hospitality and commercial sectors.

Penalta is a trusted corporate friend of our foundation. They are all about turning vision and inspiration into reality and have helped transform hundreds of lives through their support of GFF.  The creative collaboration and commitment to excellence that makes the company so successful in Canada translates perfectly to their global philanthropic model. Every year Penalta hosts the FORE! Rafiki Charity Golf tournament. Funds raised from this event along with personal donations from Penalta staff have supported the construction of the Rafiki Orphan Care Home and installation of a well that delivers clean water and income-generation opportunities; funded education; and, supported the medical and nutritional needs of orphaned and vulnerable children. Global Friends is proud to embrace Penalta Group as a Corporate Friend who is helping make the world a more beautiful place.


Action for Rural Women’s Empowerment (ARUWE) is a non-profit NGO working with rural communities especially the marginalized women and children of rural Uganda. Our interventions are food security, nutrition and income generation, rights awareness, leadership education, water, hygiene and sanitation, reproductive health and HIV/AIDS education, environmental protection and conservation, and promoting access to quality education through community participation, innovation and the creation of linkages to foster a lasting positive impact.

Orphans Foundation Fund (OFF)

The Orphan Foundation Fund was founded in 2002 and is a registered non-profit, non-government organization (NGO) in Arusha, Tanzania that endeavors to protect the most valuable members of our societies and stop the downward spiral of poverty, disease and illiteracy. OFF fosters a dignified and sheltered life for children who have fallen victim to destitution, solitude and are at the risk of HIV/AIDS.  GFF worked with OFF to build the Rafiki Child Care Orphanage, install a well, introduce the income-generating Rafiki Sew Good a sewing business and more.

St. Lucia Nursing Home

The goal of St. Lucia is to reduce the number of orphans in Tanzania by keeping parents alive.  When this is not possible, St. Lucia provides shelter, palliative health care, and education to HIV positive children whose parents have died of AIDS.

Founded in 2002 by Winfrida Mwashala, a registered nurse and expert in palliative care, St. Lucia provides competent and compassionate medical care for the terminally ill, promotes public health, and leads human rights community development projects.  Global Friends is proud to collaborate with St. Lucia to support children and their robust and impactful mobile community health team.

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Wheels for LIFE

Wheels 4 Life is a non-profit charity committed to providing bicycles to people in great need of transportation in developing countries around the world. This powerful organization is run by Hans and Carmen Rey from their home office with the incredible help of many voluntary project leaders in the field. Wheels 4 Life believes in team work and is changing lives for the better.