What We Do

One billion people live in extreme poverty.  Sadly 7 out of 10 are female and 65 million girls do not attend school.

Now you can help change the future of two girls through GFF’s Dress for Success program. When you donate one of your dresses, we’ll give that dress to a young, impoverished girl in Africa, and give a GFF Dress for Success School Pack to an older girl in the same community. Our packs contain note books, pens, calculators, rulers, sanitary pads, tooth brushes and more. These tools empower girls with essentials they need to start reaching their potential.

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Global Friends Foundation has adopted the philosophy of Winfrida Mwashala, the founder of St. Lucia Orphanage and Hospice who believes that we can reduce the number of orphans by keeping parents alive.

  • Mobile Health Unit

The St. Lucia mobile health unit is a group of volunteers trained by health care professional, Winfrida Mwashala and provided with essential supplies.  The volunteers provide basic care and counselling (i.e. wound dressing, treatment of non-life threatening illness including insect bites, counselling on birth control and baby care, basic education on prevention of AIDS/HIV, the importance of ARV adherence, counselling on reducing stigma and shame, delivery of vitamins, more…) and psycho-social support. The volunteers are trained to recognize infection and illness that requires the attention of a qualified physician at a recognized medical facility. Volunteers travel within their own communities on bicycles that have been provided through GFF’s partnership with Wheels for LIFE.

Global Friends believes in the power of the right education for the right person at the right time and in the right place.  We support youth to ensure they are proficient in the basics and then help them choose the academic centre that will provide them education that will lead to self-sustainability. GFF currently supports children in high school and vocational training programs.

  • Scholarships

GFF offers scholarships to youth who demonstrate aptitude, express an interest and appreciation for education, and who understand the value and importance of scholarship opportunities. Youth apply for a scholarship and are evaluated by the GFF board, teachers and mentors in their home communities, and the academic institutions to which they apply.  We currently support children at 3 high schools and two professional training centres.

To sponsor a child’s education, please email Catherine@GlobalFriends.ca

  • Wezesha Scholarship Program                                    

This transformational program was inspired by the belief that the destiny of young people should not be tied to the circumstances of their parents.  The inability to access higher education can be the difference between a productive and fulfilling life and one that is devastated by poverty, dependence and frustration. The Wezesha Scholarship program is designed to inspire and empower youth through education and leadership skills. The impact of education will extend far beyond that of the scholars and reach their families and the communities in which they live and contribute.

To sponsor a child’s education, please email Catherine@GlobalFriends.ca


  • Building Schools

St. Joseph’s High School – Uganda

GFF provided funding for the reconstruction of St. Joseph’s High School in the Vvumba region of Uganda.  This inspirational project was completed in partnership with ARUWE and brought together students, staff, people from the community and construction experts.  The once unusable school now educates over 380 children. GFF continues to support this school with an expansion to meet the needs of the many children who wish to attend.  PHOTO of kids singing.

Gayaza Sub-County – Uganda

GFF is currently raising funds to build schools in impoverished areas in Tanzania and Uganda.  Our next project is an elementary school in Uganda’s Gayaza sub-county.  You can learn about this project by reading Lessons Under the Mango Tree (LINK)

For more information about supporting the construction of schools with GFF, please email Catherine@GlobalFriends.ca

  • Container Classrooms

GFF offers a unique opportunity to provide education and employment in specific communities through the shipping, equipping and re-locating of classrooms constructed from shipping containers. Courses are developed based on need and employability in the areas where the classrooms are established.  Teachers are hired or trained in these communities and students may apply for scholarships.

For more information about GFF Container Classroom opportunities please email Catherine@GlobalFriends.ca

One of the primary goals of GFF is to relieve poverty in developing countries by providing basic amenities including food, clothing, shelter and other basic supplies to persons in need.  We do this through collaboration with incredible people who work, live and love in the communities we support.

  • Rafiki Orphan Care Home

The RAFIKI Orphan Care Home was our first project. We built a home and education centre for 38 children in 2010. We funded several programs associated Rafiki to create income-generation programs for self-sustainability. We built a library and playground, provided funding to feed the children, funded higher education and recently hired a business manager to ensure the centre can achieve long-term independence.

  • Lucia Hospice and Orphanage

St. Lucia was the second initiative we funded. In 2011, we provided funds, vitamins, medical supplies for 13 HIV positive orphans and facilitated the acquisition of bicycles for their rural mobile medical healthcare team.

  • Safe Water

Access to safe water can transform a community.  It ensures food is prepared safely, offers a standard for hygiene, can enable the growth of fruits and vegetables and animal husbandry.  All of these contribute to reduced illness and improved health.  Global Friends has supported the establishment of fresh water wells (drilling, piping, storage and testing) and water filtration systems to support community and family clean water opportunities.  We recognize that water is essential to a healthy community and continue to find ways to support the introduction of safe water solutions.     (RAFIKI WATER PHOTO).

  • Micro-financing

In many situations, we have found intelligent, hard-working people who have great ideas and are hungry to work but lack the funding to get started.  We believe in supporting dreams that are backed by a solid plan that demonstrates likelihood to succeed.  To date, we have supporting sewing, farming, chicken rearing and animal husbandry programs.